Gryphon Mephisto Review

Gryphon Mephisto Review

O Gryphon Mephisto já nos tinham encantado de tal maneira que achávamos que era o melhor amplificador que já tinhamos ouvido. Pelos vistos não somos os únicos e agora Jeff Fritz concede-lhe o mesmo título com elevada distinção!

Ultra Audio Review

“I’ve spent a long time exploring the best solid-state amplifiers available. Back in the day, it was the big Krells and Mark Levinsons; then the Halcros and Boulders came to prominence. Lately, the Vituses and darTZeels have been the vogue. I’ve heard them all, and more, in my systems over the years, and many others at audio shows, and at factories of audio-equipment manufacturers.

But I’ve never heard the equal of the Gryphon Mephisto. It combines qualities that seem clearly contradictory: It had the best bass I could imagine, yet could image as precisely as anything I’ve heard. It expanded the soundstage in every direction, yet perfectly retained the midrange purity of a single performer standing dead center in the soundstage. It resolved the finest details of hi-rez recordings, and at the same time presented music in a cohesive, musically enjoyable manner at all times.”


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