VTL Siegfried Reviews

VTL Siegfried Reviews

O VTL Siegfried arasa na crítica internacional com 2 fabulosas reviews de Michael Fremer (Stereophile) e Marc Mickelson (The AudioBeat).

Stereophile Review

“Remarkably quiet, wideband, as linear and tonally neutral as the best solid-state amps, and with just a kiss of the effortlessness tube lovers find so addicting, the VTL Siegfried II was as neutral and as uncolored as any tube amp I’ve listened to.”

Audiobeat Review

“About four years ago, shortly after The Audio Beat first appeared, I mentioned in one of my reviews an amplifier top-five list — a personal tally of the best amps I had heard regardless of price or technology. It caught on and readers asked me for the full list, which I was happy to supply. It has changed some over the years, although it still has an amp on it that I reviewed prior to launching the site: the single-ended Lamm ML3 Signature. Also represented are solid state in form of the Ayre MX-R, push-pull tubes by the Audio Research Reference 250, and output transformerless with the Atma-Sphere MA-2 Mk 3.1.

And now at the top of that list sits the VTL Siegfried II.”

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