Tellurium Q ganha mais dois prémios

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Tellurium Q ganha mais dois prémios

A Tellurium Q ganhou mais 2 prestigiados prémios com a linha Statement e Ultra Black II.

“os Statement têm o nome apropriado pois são a referência para outros os seguirem.”
Hi-fi World Magazine 2020 awards

Os Ultra Black II ganharam a confiança da Hi-fi+ em mais um prémio.

“the performance of the Ultra Black II is not skewed by materials or shaped by pseudoscience; it stands of falls on its sonic properties. We found that, “the character of the speaker cables is distinctly pacy; this is very much a rhythm-oriented cable, where timing is given top billing regardless of the music being played. And this makes it very engaging and powerful; my foot started tapping of its own accord and I found myself swept up with the groove on all manner of tracks.”
HiFi Plus, awards edition

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